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Interesting thread.

I own a couple of nBlades and a Pure Storm. I already had leather grips on my nBlades which I usually prefer. I did the same for the Babolat. Well, it messed up everything on that racket. It just didn't have the same "spicy" feel to the stringbed. I went back to the comfo grip on the Babolat. That worked out well.

Because of recent callouses on my thumb and forefinger, I decided to do add a comfo grip to the nBlade. Well it messed that baby up too. It didn't have the same pop as with the leather. So..... I went back to the leather on the nBlade. Volleys and serve do so much better with leather on that racket. Now I have to find a overgrip that is soft. Was using Wilson Pro Overgrip.
Hi nBladed, does the Storm compare to the nBlade? Thanks!
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