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Thanks everyone for the insight but Bill I have to say a Big Thank You to you. I was playing a exhibition match between another local highschool, and this was a match that came down to the wire. We were only playing One set and it came down to a tie break. I believe the score was 6-4 me and it was his serve. He had me rattled abit after he hit my forehand that I thought he wouldn't be able to get back at me. I took your advice of visualizing my shots and realized that he is playing deep, as most of my forehands have topspin and end up deep in the court. It was his serve and immediately I saw that he was staying behind the baseline so I hit a soft forehand just so it would go over and just like I pictured he was too deep to get to it. I have now jumped from the 6th sport to the 5th spot thanks to your help. And thanks again to everyone for the help.
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