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Originally Posted by Marius_Hancu
Originally Posted by precision response
Add ... an invaluable source for strenght conditioning
I for myself consider that tennis players need true athletics training, including a considerable emphasis on speed and flexibility, beside strength, not bulking up.

Should Athletes Train Like Bodybuilders?

If one wants to train for strength, I would suggest them to do that in a olympic decathlete's way, slim and mean, not a bodybuilder's way.
Thanks for the words of wisdom, Marcus Hancu

You are obviously new to these boards.

If you had simply taken the time to check out you would see that it is not all about sheer bodybuilding. STRENGTH conditioning is a very important factor in tennis, whether you like it or not, mate.

I could go on, but Vin, seems to have hit the nail on the head!

Happy hitting...
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