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Originally Posted by William Bedford
I do not profess to know 'exactly' what frame Federer is using. But I overheard this conversation this Wimbledon 2004 when Max Mirnyi was practising with Fed -

Listening to Federer speak with Max Mirnyi when practising at Wimbledon - they were speaking about Federer's serve compared to Sampras's serve. Max comented that Sampras had a better flat serve - Federer agreed that earlier in his career he served harder, but that mostly he hit about 90% power in favour of a higher % of first serves. Max then comented that Sampras 'never changed racquets in all his carrer' and that 'you are always switching racquets'.

I do not know what frame Federer uses. If I had a real Federer racquet, I couldnt play like him anyways.....
this is VERY interesting.
maybe the best contribution to this never ending issue.

max should know it cause he's a wilson pro, too. and he has no
reason to care about the marketing issues within a personal talk...
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