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Default That special coach

It seems like a lot of us have coaches, some are more instructors though (which is my case).

Is there one coach or a couple coaches who have really been there for you, or helped you a ton with your game?

I haven't been playing too well at clinics, but i have been working very hard with a club pro and really enjoy the lessons. I am drastically improving, but it doesn't always translate.

At clinic today, they were assigning kids to courts, and one instructor (who i don't really like a whole lot...) said under his breath to my coach "I don't think anthony can play with these guys." My instructor quickly and firmly said that I could and just to watch me play.

They must have thought i didn't hear anything, as they were a pretty good distance and were speaking softly. I am really grateful to my coach for sticking up for me and giving me that chance.

I ended up playing the best out of the 6 guys, and I played hard to prove my coach right. I got a lot of "wow great shot" from that pro i don't really like. I can't express the gratitude for my coach, but i'm going to tell him that i really appreciate it tomorrow.

Any similar stories?
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