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Originally Posted by tricky View Post
From Yandell's articles:

Eastern grips
3/3: Sampras, Henman
3.5/3: Federer, Ancic

4/3: Agassi, Safin, Blake, Kiefer
4/3.5: Gonzo, Nalby, Coria, Hewitt, Ferrero, Kuerten
4/4: Roddick, Robredo

4.5/4.5: Nadal, Grosjean

Brilliant articles explaining grip and how it dictates your stance choices and what balls you can hit back.
Do the names go in order from Eastern to Western, meaning Sampras and Henman are very Eastern, Federer/Anic less so, then Agassi, Safin, and Blake are semi-western, but not as much as Gonzo, Nalby, who are less Western than Roddick, etc?

Also, if James Blake is considered a flat hitter, is it odd that he uses a semi-western grip instead of Eastern to produce his flat shots?
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