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you are right about eastern grips are better for producing flat shots but not nessasiliy hard shots, blake's forehand is pretty flat but if you look at it closely its more of a heavy topspin drive than flat. If you look at all these players posses powerful forehand like Safin,Gonzalez,Moya,Blake,Tursonov,Verdasco,Grosje an,Roddick...,,,and so on. They all have one thing in common, they all use somewhere between semi-western to Full western, power comes from racquets head speed not having an eastern grip. The reason why you cant have as much racquet head speed using an eastern forehand grip is because racquet face is pretty open during the swing as to using an western grip is relatively close which will allow you to swing up and over the ball with more racquet head speed generating much more powerful forehand. Mary Carllio once said that she will never teach anyone eastern forehand because its such an old school forehand which doesnt fit in these day's power tennis.
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