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Originally Posted by Ronnie92 View Post
For the most part, do you guys swing full out, or do you swing casually? I've been told I swing too hard, but I'm positive that most pros swing very hard.
I swing fast. I do not try to muscle the ball but instead use the energy I create from my stance, foot pressure against the court, and the natural motion or kinetic energy chain created from the bending of the knees, the backswing, the rotation, and the comeback into the ball.

Rarely do I feel I am using muscle to hit the ball. It is simply a fast swing generated from the lower body.

I also use what TravelrJam indicated on another post. I use motion and energy to hit the ball.

Case in point, my serve.

My shoulder, arm, hand, wrist and overall body state is relaxed. Energy is transferred up from the ground using my leg muscles to generate power. My leg muscles are taxed but my upper body is relaxed and uses the muscular and kinetic energy from the lower body to penetrate the ball.
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