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Originally Posted by MaxT View Post
(2) During this tournament, she tried to argue that allowing electronic line calling is unfair to the players, "Oh, don't get me started…." Various people are against the technology for various reasons, but not for this reason. How can allowing the players an option is unfair to them?
In general, I agree with what you're saying about Carillo. She is a blow hard at best. However, in this case I agree with her. She's not saying that electronic line calling is unfair to the players. What she's saying is that the "Challenge" system is unfair to the players. If they are going to use electronic line calling, she would like the umpires to use the technology to determine if the call was correct, or not. Rather than the current system of putting the burden on the players to "Challenge" the call. I happen to agree with her. IMO, the goal should be to get the call correct, not to make a spectacle out of whether the player is going to risk their two challenges per set.
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