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Originally Posted by araghava View Post
She might talk too much but atleast she says what's on her mind. e.g. she is quite willing to criticize womens tennis for being mindless baseline bashing. You'll never hear that from Shriver or Mary-Joe.
I'm glad you said this, because I think she does deserve credit for speaking honestly about the state of the game nowadays. Shriver/Mary Jo simply cheerlead the women's matches, no matter how horrible or boring they are.

I used to really like Carillo. She has a sort of wit and flair I find lacking in other commentators. But she was just driving me nuts this year, talking talking TALKING incessantly through points, usually with fairly obvious commentary. If she could just button her lip as soon as the server steps up to the line, I think I could take the mixed bag that is Ms. Carillo. But this is the first tournament I actually groaned when I saw that she was commentating.

And putting her with Dick Enberg, too!?! It was like torture. He's completely useless (though often unintentionally funny, like when he called Serena "Old Rusty.")
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