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The more western/extreme grip you use, the higher the ball is and the more in front of you the ball is when you make contact, right?
Yup. And that will affect how far you back you stay, when you go in, and so on.

If you don't use the double-bend, then of course that changes too. For example, Nadal uses a reverse-FH motion but he keeps his arm pretty straight through the zone. By doing that, he can pretty much hit everything from knee level to above his head, and also hit the ball flat.

But wait, I thought Agassi uses a semi-western and likes to take the ball early and hug the baseline.
Agassi pretty much uses the most conservative SW grip that is most definitely SW. Agassi keeps much of his hand on the bevel 3, and so his swing plane is pretty level. He's not really using the grip for topspin so much, as that it's easier to use the double-bend technique with this grip than with a true Eastern grip.

I guess Federer is an exception to this, because he kinda floats his pivot point away from the body, which would be considered bad technique for the double-bend.
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