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Got it!
Instructions are the worst i've ever seen. Fortunately, it's not hard to figure out. I was a little freaked out that the tension rod doesn't have the scale numbers affixed to it, you have to use a ruler! Setting up the ruler against the weight is easy, but what would it cost to attach a label to the rod. The mounting system took a little time to get just right - i hope with a some practice it'll get easier. Specifically, lining up the white plastic posts (don't know the tech term) against the frame and adjusting the hold down clamps took more time and fidgeting than i had expected - i kept having to make minor adjustments as the frame would rock or move. Must admit, i was being extra careful and taking my time to really get a sense of the role for each mechanical part, so that added to the time.
Okay, so that was the hard part. Once the racquet was mounted, the actual stringing was so easy and smooth, I'd even describe it as fun. Btw, the racquet was a POG mid. The clamps (single action) were great, even though they were sticking a bit on the glide bars at first, but loosened up after some use. I used the Laser Supreme Natural string (17g) which felt very soft, but the clamps did a great job of holding with no crimping or marking - my klippermate vice-grips or gamma fly clamps can't touch it. Feeding the string and pulling the tension is where this machine rocks. It was fast. Which brings me back to my original post. I had a chance to use the Neos 1000 over the weekend (btw, the mounting system is much quicker and cleaner) and i can tell u imo the Laserfibre is not only marginally faster, but it's also easier on the hands. Let's not even get into into the constant pull thing, which in of itself is awesome.
Overall, i'm very happy, and looking forward to doing more racquets - never thought i'd say that!
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