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Jack the Hack,

Thank you for your insightful comments on the NTRP System and the Tencap rating system. You seem to know a lot about both. The survey is used simply to get the opinions of other tennis players in the industry. I am in Kansas City, and being a tennis pro, I have met the gentleman who started Tencap. It is a league run in Kansas City that seems to be very successful in using their own rating system, but it has not expanded to any other city in the US. Although a vested interest in the business would be great, I am simply doing a tennis industry analysis with one of the many focuses being on the various rating systems and leagues. I will likely make the analysis of my results available to the USTA as well as to Tencap.

Although it appears that the question on rating someone's ability based on opinion or on results seems to imply that this is what NTRP currenlty does, the point of the question was to simply get the market's view on which rating they would prefer. From the results, it appears there is no definite winner as of yet, although I would think a results based system would suit everyone better.

The survey has not been used to downgrade the NTRP system, and I appologise if it appears that way. It is used to get an idea of the market's opinion of the NTRP and Tencap, and also to see if there is an opportunity in the market for an interactive website and which tools may be more effective.

I really appreciate your comments and would welcome any more insights. Your comments will already be added to my analysis, so any other information that you think may be important to my study would be greatly appreciated.
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