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Originally Posted by nyc View Post
question 15 got me confused. If I play against someone with significantly lesser ability and I therefore have a handicap - let's say his points count double - chances are it's still going to be a sucky and unenjoyable match for both. I guess I'm not sure how a handicap system could work in a sport that relies on two players interacting vs a sport like golf, where the only interaction would be to cheers with beer bottles.
Using a handicap system in tennis the same way it is used in golf would be a difficult task if it were used in a match with 2 players of very different abilities. However, everyone has those players that they never beat. It may be a close game at times, but they never win. So, in this case, a handicap system that could give the loser the correct number of points to make the game more even may be useful. It wouldn't work using a handicap between a 3.0 and a 4.0, but what about two 4.0's where one is obviously better than the other. It could make the game more competitive for both players, and both may feel comfortable putting some money on the game if there is a handicap, like they do in golf.

The question could have probably been refrased a little better, so i understand your confusion. Thanks for the comment.
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