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Just got off the phone with Tim. It's definitely worth giving him a call to clarify things. for me it was mounting. i feel a lot more confident now. also, he explained that they don't affix a decal to the rod because it's an expensive piece (hand rolled stainless steel). it also contributes to weight of the pull, and they are afraid that over time a decal could come apart and gunk up the rod. he suggested marking the rod with a permanent marker for tensions u use the most. also pointed out that as far as sequence on mounting goes, start with the head inside supports, flip on hold downs (don't tighten) move down to throat inside supports, (adjustment for racquet length should only be made to throat support post only) flip on hold downs. inside supports should just touch frame, should not fit snug or require pushing the racquet down in place as you may get distortion when you tighten the hold downs. Tim's uses just the right lingo and illustrations to clear things up, you should be stringing in no time. Let me know how u do with your machine. Maybe we should start another post.
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