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Ok I've been checking out this thread regularly just to see if and when you would get your machines. I must say you guys are very patient. I also had to wait a few weeks when I got my MS200TT (was called the ML100) back in Dec 2000.

Onotu, your feedback is pretty much what I expected. Yes the instructions are very simple and really only cover the basic parts of the machine with some little tips here and there. I spoke to Tim about it many times and he mentioned he was working on a video, which would be great. The fact that the numbers are not on the rod was explained to me as being because of the various combinations of weights (you can have 3 combinations if you buy the extra weight depending on the tension range you want to), it would simply clutter up the rod too much. Also with time the numbers could disappear by getting scraped, so they came up with the ruler. You can still use a marker to mark certain points on it yourself. I did it too, you can check my pics at

The mounting system is a lil tricky. You can have the top mounting post always fixed and tight as they say in the instructions. The back one you adjust based on the racquet you're doing. What I do is position first the head of the frame on the white thingies and loosely tighten those top hold downs. Then I align the throat white thingies so they're positioned the way I want them once the frame is fully mounted. So I adjust the back mount post and the height of those throat white supports. Once it looks good, I bring back down the height of the white supports and tighten the mounting post. Tighten these well so they don't move. Then I loosely tighten those throat hold down supports. Then I alternate tightening all 4 hold downs until I got a nice snug fit. Finally I bring those throat white supports back up as close to the grommets as possible. Since I tested the height earlier, they should line up really close to the frame and be only slightly loose. If they're too tight, you will need to readjust your throat mounting post. Then bring you 12 o'clock support up against the frame. Again make sure you don't overtighten it, it should loosely be thouching the frame. Just remove any slack.

Once you're frame is mounted properly, you can string with peace of mind knowing that your frame is sitting in the safest mounting system in the world and you're racquet is as safe as can be.

I like that you describe the actual stringing as fun. I feel the same way. I love breaking strings just so it allows me to go string again, lol. Clamps are great yes, as is tensioning, so smooth and easy.

As you get used to the mounting and making sure you move the single action clamps from the base so they slide easily, you will enjoy the machine even more.
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