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Originally Posted by johncauthen View Post
Gonzalez would have won the Final if he played with a high tech racquet, and Sharapova would have won if she could have played with a properly set up high tech racquet. They are already controlling the technology and determining who wins.

Roddick or Safin would have won and overpowered the court, so that the game doesn't even work, if they had been allowed to have properly set up high tech racquets.

If we used 1920's wood racquets, Safin or Roddick would have won by hitting cold winners time after time.
WOW! Those are some strong words about the importance of stringing and tensions to the game of tennis. I may not feel as strongly as you do, but I think you are definitely close to the truth. Also, Sharapova did not show up at the AO. She was either intimidated by Serena or she wasn't feeling well. I'm not sure how much difference the racquet made. Regarding Gonzo, I think he poured so much into the first set that he had nothing left after. Federer has played at the top for quite awhile, while Gonzo has been near the top but drifting until recently. Gonzo also doesn't seem to have the endurance of Federer, passing the issue of ability. But, you seem to be saying that if Gonzo had something like an SW2 setup, strung low, he might have had a better chance? Interesting stuff from a guy with your credentials.....

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