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Originally Posted by Grimjack View Post
Was this before or after Kirby went on trial for false imprisonment and gross sexual misconduct?

Before or after his wife publically accused him of holding a gun to her head and their two year old daughter? Of strangling her with an electrical cord? Of a whole history of spousal abuse?

Before or after it became revealed he had a whole second identity and second life he kept hidden from his family, and which caused him to threaten to kill his wife when she discovered it?

Mac may act like a jerk, but we'd all be a lot better off with more ###holes like Mac, and fewer "good guys" like psychopath ####ing Kirby Puckett.

Watch who you idol worship.
Idol worship ! get real bud, - Kirby throughout his career was a gentleman and always had time for the fans, yes, he did have some bad times toward the end of his life and some were never proven. I never said the man was perfect, but a psychopath ? It's funny, but his wife Tonya was there at his memorial full of tears and accolades - there were problems, but he wasn't Attila the Hun (s?) !
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