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Originally Posted by chess9 View Post
2% is a HUGE difference at the top of any sport. If I won an Olympic Gold Medal in the 100 meter breast and beat the second place swimmer by more than 1%-about .55 seconds or so it would be very unusual. Ditto for most running races at the top.

In pro tennis, where, say, a few topspin forehand cross-courts at a crucial time might make the difference between winning and losing, then 2% is an enormous number, or so it seems.

Am I wrong here? My understanding of the technical issues is far from perfect, so I have an open mind.

Check out pgs 132-133 of Technical Tennis - modern racquets can put four times, or 400 %, as much topspin on the ball, leading to much faster swings because the topspin will bring the ball down into the court. A ball that can be hit totally flat like an overhead on top of the net is where the 2% figure would come in.
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