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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Regarding the idea of having the players play each other . . . we're talking about women here. Women who are friends. Women who wouldn't want it known that this or that teammate whipped them in singles and as a result was chosen to be a singles specialist. I think everyone will be happier if I just pick four people without saying why, so no one loses face. People will be free to imagine that they weren't asked to play singles not because their groundstrokes bite but because they are so invaluable in doubles.
Losing face? Are you saying people on the team don't know who the better players are? Unless they are in a state of denial, they should know who can play and who can't.

Despite how good someone's stroke or technique is, you can't force someone to play singles when they don't want to. By picking randomly yourself, you might make some players unhappy. I say get your team together, by a show of hands or racquets, have those who want to play singles be heard and then decide if they are worthy.

Your team also need to decide whether they want to win or just play and don't care if they come in last place. If your team wants to win, then get the best singles players out there, win your league, get that t-shirt and water bottle, and try to make it to the Nationals. If the games don't matter, then pick whoever you want and let them experience what is like to hit the ball by themselves and do a lot of running around.
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