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Originally Posted by JHBKLYN View Post
I'm wondering, as the captain of the team (I assume you are), if someone who is weak at singles really wants to play singles, will you give that person a chance or will you not let them play?
That's an interesting question. Say I have my 4-5 singles players and someone else wants to do it. (There is a player like this. I'm not asking her to play singles because I can't have all of my strongest players playing singles; someone has to play doubles on court one).

If she wanted to play singles, I would tell her what the singles players are expected to do. Our plan is to participate on a singles ladder in our area, in addition to regular lessons/clinics/practices. If she demonstrated her commitment to learning singles, then I'd take her on as an extra singles players, and we'd spread the matches around.

Do you think you have a chance to compete for the playoffs or do you think the season will be just winning a few matches here and there and putting in a respectable showing?
Boy. It's hard to say. We won the Fall division at 5.5, going 11-1. We have since parted ways with all of our 2.5 players and are doing 6.5this winter. We have only one 3.5 players, and we are 1-1 so far this season. Hopefully, the many months of doubles experience and the winter playing against superior 6.5 teams will pay off. Then again, the top 3.0 teams have been at the top for years, so imagine it would be difficult to dethrone them.

If we go .500 on the season, I'd be happy with that as a foundation for next season.
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