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Originally Posted by SwissServe
A friend of mine had the opportunity to hold his stick during practice at the Australian Open and asked Rogi for details, the answer was that he doesn't know much about his stick (his racquet man is responsible for technical issues).
A little hard to believe that the #1 player in the world knows almost nothing about the racquet that he depends on to make a living with. It almost gives the impression that if Wilson handed him a Triad 3 with a nCode 6.1 paintjob that he wouldn't know the difference.

Maybe he really is that good! I guess someone that can win with a broomstick wouldn't really care what kind of racquet he was using. And here we are pulling our collective hairs out trying to figure out what racquet he's really playing with. If he only knew, he would probably die laughing.
"You CANNOT be serious!!"
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