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Originally Posted by AlpineCadet View Post
Roger Federer just has a CUSTOM MADE Vapor 4. Nike is not intentionally trying to "fool" people into buying their shoes.

btw, whatever the case, it's not a "paintjob" lol.
But then why not just sell the exact same shoe that they make for Federer to the public?

Or come out publicly and tell everyone that "THIS IS NOT THE SAME SHOE AS WORN BY ROGER FEDERER"? They don't do that, do they? They could easily put a disclaimer in all of their marketing materials and advertising to make sure people understand that the retail Vapor 4 is not the exact shoe that Federer wears, right? The fact that they don't do that means they want the public to believe that the retail Vapor 4 is the exact same shoe that Federer wears as that's how they market it. Isn't that "fooling" the public into buying "Federer's shoe"?

They could have also made Federer's custom shoe look totally different from the retail shoe but they made it "look" just like the retail shoe. Why? I think the answer is obvious.

So, to me, this is no different than making a custom racquet for a pro and then painting it to look like a current retail racquet - a la paintjob.
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