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Originally Posted by AlpineCadet View Post
They built upon the Vapor 4 shoe and gave him a custom outsole. You are too much with your crazy theories of collusion.
What "collusion"? Nike makes a custom shoe for Federer and then markets a different shoe as the one that Federer is wearing. Simple as that. I would do the same if I were Nike.

If they gave him a custom outsole, how do you know what else in the shoe is custom? A VERY reliable source told me that many pros have custom made shoes even if on the outside they look identical to the retail version of the shoe. The amount and type of cushioning and support inside the shoe could be very different than what's in the retail version. Can you tell from looking at that pic how much and what type of cushioning and support are inside his Vapor 4's? Or even what kind of technology is in there? Maybe it contains no "Air" at all? Now, if a shoe has different cushioning, support, technology, and outsole than the retail Vapor 4, then is it still a "Vapor 4"? I say no.
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