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It amazes me how people will gripe about a league fee thats less than $30. The USTA is a huge organization. Tennis Link is a tremendous benefit to players, captains, and coordinators. When TennisLink came along, it made every USTA player's and captain's life a lot easier. Before TL, there were so many issues with ineligible players not added to rosters, players who were not USTA members, etc. Not to mention all the match scores that were input incorrectly due to captain's illegible handwriting. Or the captains that never submitted their scorecards through the mail so countless match results were never entered at all. I wonder how many players were bumped up or down based on inaccurate and incomplete information? TL is a bargain at $2 - $3 per player. Tennis Link fees just went up in our area to $3 per player due to the USTA's partnership with will give USTA members additional benefits such as restaurant discounts, etc. There is information out there if players take the time to look for it and ask. Most prefer to gripe.

What else do you get for your league fees? Players get organized competitive matches set up for them for an entire season. Players have the chance to compete against a variety of players at a variety of locations in their local area. They get the chance to advance to District, Sectional, and National tournaments. They get Area League Coordinators constantly working to recruit players and captains to ehance the leagues. ALC's also work with local tennis clubs and facility's on an ongoing basis. Even though a league season may only last for about 3 months, ALC's responsibilities last all year long. All of this for a lot less than the cost of one private tennis lesson. I call that a bargain. I don't know of any other adult recreational sports leagues that compares. I used to play league softball and it wasn't nearly as organized, had nothing beyond the local league, and it cost more money per person.

Also, keep in mind that it costs money to run and organize the USTA league tennis program. Many District and Sectional offices have a staff of paid employees. I'm glad they are paid employees. Paid employees are more professional, better qualified, and generally will do a much better job than volunteers. Local Area League Coordinators also have expenses, and certainly should not be expected to pay out of their own pockets to run leagues. They have the usual office expense and many spend many hours of their personal time working behind the scenes. Some coordinators have court fees to cover, some do not. Players and captains generally have no clue what's involved in starting leagues and running them.

The USTA League tennis program is not perfect, but it's a very good program. Players and captains who gripe about league fees, especially fees under $30 - $35, usually don't know what's involved behind the scenes.
i'm not griping.

it is what it is.
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