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Originally Posted by OrangeOne View Post
To ad to f_t_s's comments, that pic is one of the most over-processed, over-photoshopped, over-airbrushed pics of a 'real person' I've ever seen. There's a soft filter on her whole body, and her midsection and legs look more like they've been drawn in PhotoShop to start with, as opposed to a massaged-photo.
lol it's actually pretty funny how much that picture has been edited. When I opened the link the picture was just of the body and it looked so fake. I hope the editing team who did that photo get payed for all the over time they must of had to put in to get it looking like that!

What's going on with the mighty Australia aswell! England winning back to back matches and beating New Zealand, all in the form of the game that we could barely get a win against Bangladesh in .. Funny game eh?

Originally Posted by CanadianChic View Post
Exellent post Fena - you just backed up my stance 100 percent.

I voted that she is under par - but not unattractive.
Yeah she's not totally unattractive, looks wise she isn't the best but if she had a great personality then she would appear more attractive. The fact that she doesn't have the greatest personality means I seem to notice her flaws more than I would otherwise.
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