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Default Things I think about

I don't know if anyone typically enjoys the occasional thread I post, but here goes another one of mine...

First off, My general idea of singles players and their rackets are that a singles player should use a mid-midplus racket. Using anything over 100 sq in for a good singles player just seems to me like they have far too much margin of error and get away with a lot of cheap shots or the typical "swing one way, ball go the other" thing. Yes, it often makes an impressive shot, but completely on accident. Doubles players, I figure, can use anything depending on their game. Typically, for the doubles players I'm accustomed to seeing, are ones that have a large variety -from player to player- of swing speeds, shots, and weaknesses. For example, someone might use a 115 sq in racket to assist the power of their serve and put a little more power on their volleys. I might just be talking out of my butt though. Anyway, what is your take on the matter?

Next subject, for first singles, my biggest two competitors against me are a short guy who's really fast, big flat serve, and flat, hard shots. he hasn't played in a while, so he's not in the running for singles. The other guy is a friend of mine who has a terribly inconsistent 2 handed backhand, or a high, loopy slice that doesn't kick to the side much. It loses most of its' spin when it sails through the air. His most effective shot is his high, loopy topspin shot that sometimes keeps me back as far as behind the baseline. I usually just baseline his shots nowadays, but anyone have any advice on how to take away this particular shot from him, or hamper it? Yes, I know paitience is good. Also, he usually hits in the center of the court a lot of time, and stands on the court to where he leaves about a fourth of the court open on his backhand side. Because he's also quick, (off-season cross country runner), I'm still experimenting with sending him wide on his forehand side, then hitting to his open backhand side. Drop shots sometimes work if I can do it to his backhand side because he pops 'em up, and by the time he does, I'm at the net and usually trying to hit him with the easy volly he gives me. Yes. I aim for him. I guess that makes me a jerk, but we're good friends off the court and he gives me a lot of crap from time to time. Whether or not I'd do that in a match depends on whether hitting my opponent is my highest percentage shot. Of course, I'd never do it to harm them. My friend flinches so tapping the ball at him when he's ducking is fun.

Anyone else like playing doubles simply to see if they can hit someone during the set? Some of my friends aren't that good at net, but when they play the net while their partner serves, I just like to slam it at them. Doubles is my fun tennis, and singles is my serious tennis. Anyway, my main question is about how to play against a guy who does what the high, loopy topspin and defends his backhand.

Feel free to add additional anecdotes, views, etc. Have at me.
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