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Originally Posted by BigServer1 View Post
I care what Deuce has to say. He holds other members of this board in high regard, whether or not he agrees with what they have to say. What Deuce seems to be "all about" is being generally open minded and considerate of people's opinions. If that is a crime then convict me as well.

As for CC's compliment...You can indeed be helpful and respectful IF and WHEN people agree with what you are saying. Once there is a disagreement or you're called out on the carpet for something, the gloves fly and it's on. But maybe my opinion doesn't matter...Maybe because I joined in July of 2006 and my post count cowers in the shadow of yours I should just cower right along with it. It sure is refreshing to have a senior member of these boards pull rank on someone as a last resort because their argument has been beaten 6 ways to Sunday. That shows amazing class, BP, and it's something Deuce isn't known for.
I really couldn't have said that better myself.

BTW breakpoint, the Vapor 4 came out before the Australian Open picture of Federer's outsole. So where's your proof?
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