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Originally Posted by OrangeOne View Post
Yup, when he was kicking around as a 17 yr old, Nike were making him custom shoes. In fact, when he was on his high school tennis team, again, he had those custom shoes on. And you should have seen the custom booties he had as a 2 year old!
Didn't you know Federer was born wearing custom tennis shoes? That's why he's such a natural mover on the tennis court.

Of course I mean when he became a top pro on the ATP Tour, which is not a recent phenomenon. You don't have to be #1 in the world to get custom made shoes. I'm sure Nike has been making custom shoes for Federer for a long, long time, and probably well before the original Vapor 1's. It's really not that hard to do. Nike just takes pieces from different shoes and puts them together and makes sure they fit his feet perfectly. Even recreational players get custom orthotics put into their shoes.
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