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Originally Posted by BreakPoint View Post
Didn't you know Federer was born wearing custom tennis shoes? That's why he's such a natural mover on the tennis court.

Of course I mean when he became a top pro on the ATP Tour, which is not a recent phenomenon. You don't have to be #1 in the world to get custom made shoes. I'm sure Nike has been making custom shoes for Federer for a long, long time, and probably well before the original Vapor 1's.
Besides, he's ALWAYS worn custom made shoes.
Well, it's good to know that by 'ALWAYS' (in capitals and all), you meant 'since he became a top pro on the ATP tour'. That's an interesting qualification on the word 'ALWAYS', don't you think?

Even recreational players get custom orthotics put into their shoes.
I've been wearing custom orthotics for 5 years now. But thanks for pointing it out

Do people demo shoes?
I know some kids who may walk into a shoe store and buy the shoes player-X wears, but very few others. Usually current shoe models are obscenely overpriced, and contain very few differences to the heavily discounted and still available shoes from 1 or 2 seasons ago...

Most people I know rock on into a tennis (sports, shoe) store and try on a few different pairs within a certain price range. Sure, it's no measure at all of how they'll break in, or how they'll wear, or how they'll feel specifically on a court, but at least trying on a few pairs is better than "buying the Fed shoe".

It's a start. Some people do as much as they can. I know I couldn't tell you the specific shoe that any pro wears, but I can tell you I was the 'crazy' guy doing 5-step-sprints while 'demoing' in the shoe store a few months ago when I bought my last pair of tennis shoes.
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