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Originally Posted by BreakPoint View Post
I think that's a qualification that most knowledgeable and logical people would make rather than assuming that I meant he's been wearing custom made tennis shoes to play tennis in when he was 2-years old as you asserted.
I sarcastically made that remark to prove a point, I didn't assert it. You know that, I know your English skills are more than capable of understanding that.

And test is complete. When you want to criticise others for poor usage or understanding, you go to town. When you (ab)use language poorly, you subsequently twist and turn your way out of it. You said one thing (ALWAYS), you meant a very different thing (top ATP Pro), and now you defend you previous exaggeration.

The more interesting analysis would be why the exaggeration? Why did you feel the need to make such a large assertion in regards to Federer and shoes? If it's for other than to inflate your own ego / 'self-importance', well knock me down with a feather.

Oh - thanks for skipping my whole point on why people buy shoes, that many most people buy shoes that they try on and like, as opposed to overpriced latest model shoes that Fed wears. I'll just assume you skipped the point because you realised it's validity and thus decided further discussion would be of nugatory benefit? Yes, I think I shall.
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