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When giving lessons, I can pick out racquet ball players instantly, it is just about as easy as picking out a grown man in a pink tutu in a group lesson. Here is my experiance. Racquetball players have terrific hand/eye for beginners, and they are fine with reacting to volleys, and are money at the net once you teach them proper volley technique. Before you teach them proper volley technique they get the racquet on everything, but, it isn't pretty. Most of them have decent luck off the ground with game improvement/granny sticks, as they kind of slap at the ball, this generates a light fast ball that is kind of unlike most things you see at the low levels, and allows them to be successful. If they want to learn more tennis like, topspin strokes, then that is going to be a project. The serve is the other tough thing for them, it is just like teaching anyone else (Except maybe a baseball or other throwing player) and you pretty much start from the ground up. Ummm what I am trying to say I guess, is with a handfull of lessons, and a couple months of practice, a pro racquetball player should be able to play 4.0 tennis, it won't be pretty, but it will be competitive.
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