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I played my friend again tonight. His backhand wasn't that great, but he keeps making me laugh. I've laughed a lot today. Anyway, the scores were 4-6, 6-3, and 6-4, my favor. I found that it's hard to hit a wide shot from the center of the baseline, or in that area. Coming in and hitting volleys worked nicely, 'cept for the fact that I had a couple of unforced errors. I ended up countering his topspin with slice, and hit a lot of drop shot winners. I might play him again tomorrow, or just play my coach. Just depends. Anyway, thanks again. My coach also has a crappy topspin backhand, but he's sneaky and has a decent serve and gets crazy angles on his forehands. Anyway, I'll also try the tips on him tomorrow.

Oh! And is there any simple way to place a kick serve. I have a consistent kick serve, BUT half the time, I don't know where it's going. I'd like to be able to just kind of choose to serve to the backhand and do it with something other than a flat serve, but that hasn't happened consistently yet. Any ideas?
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