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What an old thread - just read the whole thing. Mary Carillo has been very successful at her job since the mid 1980s. She might have been wrong on Serena's chances early on, at the 2007 Australian Open, but she usually can explain which player from either women's tennis or men's tennis she thinks will win long before we see who wins. She can be funny and insightful and most of the time she lets the players do the talking with on court and adds her side commentary infrequently. She's as good as Pam Shriver or John McEnroe. Chris Fowler seems disinterested and Pat McEnroe should concentrate on Davis Cup. Cliff Drysdale and Mary Carillo are the old school pair from ESPN in the 1980s and know what they are doing. She has done a great job talking about tennis for years. No American tennis enthusiast has watched a tennis match on tv since the 1980s without Mary Carillo's commentary at some point throughout the last 20 years.
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