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Hello. I am Local League Coordinator in Georgia, and we have never suggested that teams should play in order of strength. What we run into here in Atlanta is that ALTA requires that you do that. Called No-sandbagging rule. Which makes sense for ALTA since some teams have varied levels of players. But for USTA, why do it? If you know your opponents have unbeatable #1's, why put your team against them. You are basically forfeiting a point, but the idea is to win majority of matches to take the overall win. But many Atlanta teams still play in order of descending strength. Not doing so brings some strategy into the line-up, but if everyone is doing it, it becomes a roll of the dice.
As someone said in earlier post, all players within a level are supposed to be equal, but we know that is not true. Especially when you have teams with lower level players playing up to higher level(which is whole other story).
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