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Originally Posted by gmlasam
Where is it mentioned that Agassi benches 300lbs?
I heard 315lbs with my ears, during one of his matches, from one of the commentators, I think on CBS. And I have it in my tape collection, but it will take me time to get to it, as I am not sure right now which one it is.

I know, it's not this easy.

OK, I found this:
A former UNLV strength coach, Reyes first met Agassi in the Runnin' Rebels weight room almost 14 years ago. The two formed a lasting bond, and Reyes since has presided over the intense workouts and vomit-inducing dune runs that allow Agassi to bench-press 350 pounds while outlasting players nearly half his age.

I am not sure if this isn't just a figure promoted by Reyes or Agassi's camp.

Even more impressive is that when Martina N was at the top, I heard the same figures (over 300lbs bench press) for her. Now, looking at MN's arms, would not be surprised either.
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