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Well my first coach was really good. He thought I could play high level tennis if I put my mind to it, and would let me stay after the lesson if he could. He was this old chilean that use to be a pro and it's rumoured that he won Viña del Mar. He really wanted me to improve, and coached 2 of my younger brothers and he also cares about them, he gave me and my youngest brother our entire game, minus my backhand which i got with another coach. He is more than a coach he is a friend, we have eaten at my house, and he plays doubles with my dad and gives everybody tennis advice. One day he wanted me and two of my brothers to play doubles with an underlevel kid, and on a wet court. To avoid telling him that we didnt want to play i said that the court was too wet. He invites me and one of my brothers to the class, he didnt instruct me because he taught me it and he was busy with the other kids. We played a game called king of the court and it wasn't fair to the other kids because they where just beginning. My dad, my brother and a former pro where hitting it and where looking for someone to play doubles with, so i told my coach that i was going to go play he got mad and said he wouldnt invite me again. I feel bad about and I dunno if I am at wrong?!?!?!

My current coach which is business partners with my old coach is good and teaches well, but he is bitter. You can really tell that he is in it for the money because he knows that he could let us stay a while longer and he kicks us out once our time is up. He has favoratism towards his Chilean and Venezuelan students, and total kiss up with my dad(who he also coaches). Bottome line is that when you have a good coach cherish him, they are worth gold. I had to bump this thread sorry guys .
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