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Originally Posted by 10sfreak View Post
As the captain of a team here in Georgia, I decide who to play at what position depending on the opposing team's strength. I have been known to "sacrifice" a player to an opposing #1 singles in order to win the overall match. We won our division last fall, and we're now leading our division this spring season. In fact, most of the guys on my team are going to have to schedule some losses this season, just to keep from getting DQed. That's right, we're planning on losing some lines, each in turn, so as to keep from getting DQed. It seems unsavory and dishonest, but that's what the rules of the USTA force upon us. Who wants to win all season long, then get DQed at the end, and have all your matches thrown out? None of us are "self-rated", but we've known people who've been computer-rated at a certain level, but when they keep winning AT THAT SAME LEVEL ASSIGNED TO THEM BY THE COMPUTER, that same damn computer DQs them!! So, part of our strategy now is to lose some matches, in order to win! Crazy...
It is unsavory and dishonest and it is NOT forced upon you. At least be man enough to admit that your team intends to cheat in order to continue playing at a level that is below your skill level. You cheat the other players because you are not playing your best in a competitive match. And you screw up the computer because false information is used to come up with ratings. You then have the gall to blame it on the computer. Be a your best, respect your opponents, live with honor. You gain nothing by winning if you cheat to win. You just are a loser playing a game that means nothing.
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