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After a long night I find this tedious yet can't pull myself away from the disaster. Heycal and Raiden: the pics posted were to counter the ridiculously pulled "average" ones poster by Heycal - those were of obviously below par ladies. Get a bit of a grip please. I stated that "SOME" of my friends are indeed as beautiful as ones in the pics I posted. I never stated that all my friends look this way (in fact I believe I even mentioned after a trip to the salon). Those women easily fit into the two percentile. Sharapova does not (with or without makeup).

Frodo luv, I have already explained my views on beauty, including superficial, inner and natural. I have also stated my thoughts on the before and afters and the enhancement as opposed to creation of exterior looks. If you are going to quote me or respond to me, at least lay my words out correctly - otherwise that is simply bad manners.
Where have all the posters gone?
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