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Good luck, Stu. Hope you meet your goal. More importantly, even if you do not, I hope you get to play quality tennis rather than just quantity tennis.

Oh, and your name reminds me of the well-permed, open-shirted, gold chain-wearing character who bought Homer Simpson's denim jacket at their yard sale. The jacket had sequins on the back, spelling out Disco Stud, only the 'd' in stud had fallen off. The guy was so happy, 'cause his name was Disco Stu.

So there was a tennis pro I've hit with whose name is Stu. Nice guy, good player. We all called him Tennis Stu. A few of my buds and I had a beer with him after hitting one night. Someone popped a quarter in the jukebox for Stayin' Alive. It was priceless to see Stu's toes tappin'. Disco Stu!! Kind of wish I could honestly say he had a perm, an open shirt and some gold chains, but that would be engaging in hyperbole. And noone ever does that, especially not on the internet!

Well, good luck, Stu.
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