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Cc I was responding to your pics you posted..Ya Those Ladies are Pretty but You call that Natural uh uh>One more time>ok look at hallie berry ..if you never seen the makeup face one you probly think.Wow Is She really that Pretty..NEWFLASH.. CC Look at pic on left Thats Her real face Her Natural looking without makeup face..What you posted was Clebs With makeup Hence the look on Right..All Clebs Have the look on left weather you belive it or not...Heck When I wear Makeup I look like the pic on Right.All the time..Cause I'm never without makeup on my face..Funny thing is>When I go out On town daytime..People stopp me on street an say my you have nice skin..I say What..Don't you know it's foundation..You see CC the look on right is an a Illousion.. no one looks like that all the time..the look on left.. all look like that all the time..Now Do You understand CC. (Guess you guys Love Cc) Go Figure!!!
(( laughs at jealous people. If you are envious of what I have, maybe you need to work at something within yourself!!! ))

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