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CC, Valentines was great! I set up a whole mystery/mission impossible theme with my s/o. She had to figure out some riddles, and other stuff to guess where I was meeting her. She was receiving clues all week thru email, messages on her phone, anonymous cards on her car etc. Of course she had the role of a secret agent so she was not permitted to talk to me about any of these "mysterious" clues she was receiving all week long.

She even received instructions of what to wear, how to have her hair, and I called the restaraunt beforehand so they were in on it. She was directed where to sit, and what drink to order. She then received more mysterious clues from the waiter. It was a blast. She really enjoyed the whole , dark/mysterious/danger thing going on.

Throughout the whole thing she kept having to play a cassette with the mission impossible them song, and would then get more instructions.

Of course, all the clues "self destructed". LOL

It was lots of fun.

Of course, the "fireworks" afterwards were awesome too.
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