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Originally Posted by Bjorn99 View Post
Rios had a better physical unit than Young does. And even though his unit was better, he had to work so hard to win(yet tried to make it look like nothing) that he would end up being exhausted and would subsequently tank. To be small like Young, weak and not particuarly fast, is DRAINING. The kid has hand and racquet talent, and that appears to me, to be the extent of it. RESULT FROM BJORN99? Journeyman at best.
Granted, Young does not look like the embodiment of the consummate athlete, but neither did the pigeon toed Agassi or the twiglike Michael Stich. Ok, one developed power early and the other had height, but Young does pack some punch(although not enough yet) and he is 5' 11" with possibly more to come. The kid has talent and great hands. He still has the body of a boy, yet even with his slight frame he can still hang with grown men. When he fills out a bit, his tennis will leap, if he continues to work hard. Also, he has to improve mentally. He may not take the baton from Federer regarding all things tennis and improve on them, as you had hoped, but he will do well in his own unique way, although he does play all court tennis. I personally see a lot of potential. He has that intangible mercurial quality that is indicative of uncommon talent. We've seen better athletes at his age, but his body is not done developing. Even so, it still may not develop into anything to write home about, but his hands may compensate for that.
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