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Originally Posted by spt View Post
saw Becker play on Tennis Classics against Agassi. It was a davis cup match from the 90's. Would love to see Boris compete against today's stars. He hit unbelievably hard of the ground and followed his serve in against on of the all time returniong greats. Because of the pressure he kept putting on players, (except on clay) I believe he would consistently beaten Nadal and most other players and given Federer all he wanted most days.

Agreed. I posted a while back that with the dearth of grass court players in the world today - players that REALLY know how to play on grass - BB could come back right now and make an impact.

Some of my favorite matches were Becker/Sampras. That was a collossal match up and one of the best rivalries of all time. Epic.

Hail to Becker - he is sorely missed.

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