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Gilbert is a fab coach; the man just knows tennis. Comparing him to Phil Jackson is a disservice; Jackson stepped into a sitchy with Michael Jordan and Shaq/Kobe (and the Refs in Game 6 against the Kings), 3 of the most dominant players in ths history of the game.

Why Gilbert get's such a bad rap from the armchair tennis community is a mystery. He is a tennis zen master; a guru of the sport. What does he have to do to get respect around here? Coach yet another player to win another Grand Slam ? Even Agassi has stated that Brad Gilbert taught him how to play the game.

Murray has beaten Roddick (2) and Roger Federer; this isn't a fluke.
The young man took Rafa 5 Sets at the Aussie and was obviously exhausted (Welcome to the ATP Tour kid)

He's been to 5 finals in 15 Months and has won 2 of them.

I believe Murray will not only go onto greatness, but will reach the final of a Major this year. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I like him.
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