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Originally Posted by GS View Post
I know I know, most of you hate golf, but you gotta admit it's a tough sport to play, er, well. Draper coached Hewitt during this year's Australian Open after Hewitt's coach quit on short notice. Afterwards, Draper decided to continue his pro golf career, then recently won the New South Wales PGA championship by one stroke---he shot a 65 on the final round.
(Draper won the mixed doubs at the 2005 Aussie Open and was a former Davis Cup player for Australia.)
You don't see Lendl, Sampras or Connors winning any golf tournaments, and they usually play a fair number of pro-ams.
True but you also shouldn't use Draper's name in the same breath when talking about tennis.
Sure he was a talented player but not in the above mentioned league !
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