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Originally Posted by tennus View Post
True but you also shouldn't use Draper's name in the same breath when talking about tennis.
Sure he was a talented player but not in the above mentioned league !
On the contrary, while we can talk about Draper in the same breath as Connors, Lendl and Sampras when the topic is tennis (like them, he won Queens), we can't talk about them in the same breath as Draper when it comes to golf. They might have been better tennis players than him but he was able to compete at their level. When it comes to golf, those guys are decidely little league in comparison to Draper.

No-one steers a player towards being a net rusher - it's something you do by inclination. Turned into a clay-courter he wouldn't have made the top 100. Draper maximised his talent and that was top 50 only. No-one here in Australia ever thought he'd do better than Pat Rafter because he just didn't have the guns. He was a brilliant shot-maker but not a heavy enough hitter in any department (if he'd had Rafter's serve, things would have been very different).
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