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Originally Posted by AndrewD View Post
On the contrary, while we can talk about Draper in the same breath as Connors, Lendl and Sampras when the topic is tennis (like them, he won Queens), we can't talk about them in the same breath as Draper when it comes to golf. They might have been better tennis players than him but he was able to compete at their level. When it comes to golf, those guys are decidely little league in comparison to Draper.
Well, I really don't think you can compare Draper's tennis achievements with Connors, Lendl or Sampras ! That's like comparing a Volkswagon with Porches. Scott Draper, Scott Draper when was he No 1 and how many grand slams singles titles did he win ??????? Why none. Oh, by the way mixed doubles doesn't really count as Martina won one of those aged 47. So what we're left with is a good all rounder in Draper. That I won't dispute.
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