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Default Your First Tournament Match

Hey everyone, every competition player must have experienced the heart pumping first offical match ever. Maybe you can make first timers feel more at ease, maybe it feels like a lifetime ago. My first tournament match was last week and it was a thursday night men's compeition. My first doubles match was with my good friend (first timer too), i went totally tight and started to frame heaps. I lost faith in my banging flat 1st serve and started rolling 2nd serves over. it was over so quickly and we lost 6-2. Then my singles match came and i had my chance to redem myself. i stared blankly at my prostaff 85 and hoped it did not shrink and feel so small. The feeling in the amtch was unbelievable, i was hyperactive on adrenaline and after the first game i was already drenched. The match felt like a magic carpet ride, it was so surreal and everything off the racquet was perfect. i think i was luckly enough to be 'in the zone', now i seriously know what it feels like to play in slow motion. He served first and held. somehow i switched on and won the next 5 games! Everything felt so perfect, i had a crazy point, where my opponent made a deep slice to my backhand corner. i retreated (as i wasn't sure if it would skid or sidespin) and lost my footing (synthetic grass), i managed to do a dropshot as i fell down. I watched as he drop shotted me into the short forehand corner and i just got up unaware of my scraped skin and ran as hard as i could. I managed to get the ball and hit a flat winner down the line, i lost my footing again and half of my body slid under the net (luckily it was one of those nets that only go half way down). I was so high and shouted 'c'mon' and started jumping up and down as if i won wimbledon. For the whole match, i bunted his serve and drew him into the net and i just let the passing shot rip. I just kept on doing that and did a copule of lobs for fun! the experience was fantastic and even though it was division 3 at my local tennis club, i felt like the happiest person alive.
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