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I had my first tournament match one year ago. My opponent was 45 years old but I looked up his record and he had regular USTA tournament experience going back to at least 2001. He also had some modest success in age group tourneys. This got me concerned . The first set I was nervous and made a ton of unforced errors and he had a big first serve which I didn't really figure out till the end of the set. After losing the first set I started thinking I was headed to the consolation bracket. Funny thing is that I started playing more relaxed after I thought I was going to lose the match. All my shots started landing and I figured out how to return his serve. We were tied at 3-3 in the second set and he did not win another game after that. After that match he hit a ball a 100 feet in the air, let out an expletive and smashed his racquet on the net (well at least it wasn't on the ground).
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